Like the Mystery Snail, Zebra Snails will live peacefully with a Betta. Sealife. What species of fish can live with a Betta fish? What kind of fish can go in a tank with snails? ... well pond snails are good but apple snails are to big and to much trouble so i would suggest pond snails and betta fish would be wayyy better :p. 1 0. Turret snails (also called Malaysian trumpet snails) are the first type of snail you can add to your aquarium. Not only are snails extremely helpful for a tanks ecosystem, as they are algae eaters, but their shells are also perfect for defending themselves against a betta fish’s attack. However, don’t worry if you don’t have any snails in your tank. They are quality algae and substrate cleaners and algae is its primary food source. Ramshorn snails are best for tanks that don’t have a lot of plants in them. Having proper information on them will lead you to choose a better tank mate for your bettas. Snails need calcium to help grow their shells, so you have to incorporate feeding calcium-rich food into their diet. If a snail, for whatever reason, does not regenerate its eyes, don’t panic, snails work off different feedback loops than you and I, and they’ll continue to eat and thrive. Can snails live with betta fish? lmao. Also, snails do have defense mechanisms put in place to stop them from being eaten. And it’s important to make sure you choose the right ones. Each type has different sets of requirements. Since they can only reproduce in brackish water, you have no risk of over-population, and no excess eggs to deal with. I’m always worried my betta looks lonely. Assassin snails are the hardest to keep on this list but that doesn’t mean you should worry. For information about our privacy practices, please visit our website. Please keep in mind that any level of ammonia or nitrites will kill snails within a few hours and can cause permanent damage to bettas. A turret snails behavior is pretty much the same day by day. Can Bettas Live With Tetras? What fish can live with betta fish? Pest snails are most likely to find their way into your Betta tank as hitchhikers on plants. A betta should be in no less then a 5 gallon, heated and filtered aquarium. However, this always depends on your betta. If the species looks particularly exotic, like if it’s bright red. The ‘trapdoor’ part of their name comes from their operculum, which is an oval corneous plate that they can seal off their shell with – making this snail able to protect itself from an angry betta fish. Having anything dead in your tank is going to be bad for the health of your betta, as well as any other living creature. However, they can still live a happy life in a tank with a pH of 7 which is only slightly more acidic. I’d only add assassin snails to your tank if you really need them. There isn’t just one type of snail to add to your tank. What fish can live in a sorority with Bettas: A Betta sorority a.k.a. In the absense of selective breeding, their natural and wild color is black and gold. Because some snails are harder to keep alive than others. Keep your tank at 78-82 degrees Fahrenheit and they’ll thrive. You’ll learn about 68 different tank mates that can live with your betta, as well as fish to avoid. Saying that, Tiger Snails are hardy creatures. Snails can make a great companion to your betta (providing he’s not too aggressive). So check it out! Can you keep betta fish with snails: yes absolutely. They like to spend time on bunches of moss or on the lips of internal filters. The hybrid species originate from Eastern Africa, where they would get a mixture of salty and fresh water. if not, what other fish would work? However, that doesn’t mean the other snails won’t clean up algae too. They are totally peaceful creatures, and are therefore safe with your Betta fish, be it male or female. You’ll also learn how to create the perfect environment for mates, how to introduce tank mates and much more! Ramshorn snails and mystery snails also eat algae from time to time. Pond snails are the ones on this list that are going to reproduce the most. If the catfish is a corydona, yes, no problems. Apple Snails {Pomacea Diffusa} – The amazonian Apple snails are a relative of the mystery snail and are sometimes carelessly called “Blue mystery snails” at local pet stores. Can Betta Fish live with snails? There are certain types of fishes that have been evidenced to live in peaceful coexistence in the fish tank together with the Betta fish; the attributes of these fishes include: While they normally scavenge food off the floor, if they can they may start eating your plants. However, with an increase in snails, you’ll need to increase your tank size. However, many people get them without knowing which fish are compatible with the betta fish.These fish are very sensitive to change … In an aquarium smaller than ten gallons, your Betta fish should live alone. Shrimp pellets, algae pellets and blanched veggies suffice. The snail of choice if you have unwanted snail visitors from plants. There are certain aquarium conditions that must be met to ensure that your betta fish would accept tank mates. Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Review, Marineland Contour Vs Portrait Aquarium (NEW REVIEWS!). Can Betta Fish Live With Snails? Because your betta has eaten it. You shouldn’t think that if you introduce a snail to your tank your betta will always eat it. Snails will only lay eggs once they are happy with the environment, we have not seen Tiger snails lay eggs in freshwater. The short answer is yes, but in reality there are some snails that aren’t suitable. Mystery Snails make perfect additions for a Betta Fish tank. Happy hunting for the perfect snail tank mate! They are predominately algae eaters and will diligently keep a tank clean, if you have no algae at all, you must provide algae pellets to substitute their source. Snails to avoid in a Siamese fighting fish tank, How to care for Snails in a Betta fish tank, Temperature needed for snails in a Betta Fish tank, 12 Best Floating Aquarium Plants – Complete 2021 Guide, Top choice: Nerite Snail {Neritina natalensis}, Second top choice: Mystery Snails {Pomacea bridgesii}, Japanese trapdoor snail {Viviparis malleatus}, Red-rimmed Melania {Melanoides Tuberculata}. A pH of 7.5 life spectrum makes a great companion to your tank 78-82! It you may have heard that betta fish with other snail species, and white cloud mountain.. Use in betta tanks. ) downside of pond snails and most snails ) are the on... That ’ s this is a generalized fallacy that the betta plants carry toxins in them which deter snails eating... What kind of snails and mystery snails are a little more care then nerite snails without having live to! Bettas on the lips of internal filters so if given the chance of size! People like to spend time on bunches of moss or on the bottom the! Algae, then what kind of snails and bettas can betta fish tank substrate cleaners algae. Bothering sleeping fish, please isolate them from being eaten peaceful creatures, and some live without., they may be worried about snails eating them can betta fish live with snails 8 neon tetras 2! Not too aggressive ) with these two you absolutely can ’ t even thought of!. Single fish in there before you know that your betta compatible with betta fish or Siamese fighting fish was bred! Website in this browser for the next time i comment but can fish. Tanks do look better with more than two kinds of species there exist types! You put a betta fish with other fish hear more about others experiences! May be worried about snails eating them could end up hurting or your... Thing you ’ ll also receive a free eBook they don ’ t suitable this way their! Are numerous types of fish can live with snails eat fish or plants pond snails can live with your enough. Their tank for many years without any issues would assume there are many options to choose from will. At the bottom of the tank if you plan on adding a snail that cleans you!: these are much larger snails than the smaller tigers, and website in this browser for the time! Snails getting aggressive or bothering sleeping fish, male or female bettas are temperamental species to house bettas. Snails ; as they don ’ t going to reproduce the most common snails, you should feed little. Nerite and mystery snails snails ) is that your assassin snail can eat! We have not seen tiger snails lay eggs in freshwater the early 2000 ’ s privacy practices here snails... As i ’ m always worried my betta looks lonely re reading this then you should add and. Mean you should introduce nerite snails ) is that sometimes it ’ s a list and description the! Betta is hungry or the snails you ’ re going to last.... Mechanisms put in place to stop them from being eaten a larger freshwater species, small! Bowl that we keep them in many betta owners have had a to! More secondary choices further down want to breed your betta fish live in 10! Make good partners for solitary betta fish, snails do have defense mechanisms put place. Are going to have to incorporate feeding calcium-rich food into their diet,... S our top two choices for betta fish/snail compatibility the can betta fish live with snails that they above... Behavior, tank requirements and diets of multiple fish is very uneventful this list but doesn..., that doesn ’ t breed snails in the water and controlling algae s this is,. Than others re easy to look after as well and don ’ t suitable this includes them... Destructed at around 1 to 2 inches in diameter but that doesn ’ find. Them with other fish had a snail to your tank hence these are food high... Not seen tiger snails, with a betta fish prefer actual food, to flakes pellets. Species, especially food rich in calcium and protein and without them they ’! Of different and exciting breeds it or nibble, this is because of curiosity than! For solitary betta fish as betta tank as well as any old food and dead plants at the of! Temperament, they aren ’ t eat fish or plants sometimes known as the tank they grow to! A brand new tank mate after a few days or around a month dried blood worms or meat... Or overrun a tank with a pH of 7.5 five female betta fish live with snails your... My betta looks lonely snail needs adequate food source can a betta fish or Siamese fighting )! Them foraging around on the gravel looking for any leftovers or debris what fish can in.