Han Ji-Min is the better choice, I believe. First, maybe because the problem in this drama is a reality about the love world of adults, young people or school children will get bored and not interested in this drama. Right now, this feels like Keeping Up With The Kardashians where it's a trainwreck that you just want to keep watching. The simple, yet enchanting story of Lee Jung-In, a librarian meeting her one … And i am quite happy with how things ends for everybody. It is a great story well told, what is missing is that electric chemistry with Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In, that was just amazing and the most realistic I had ever seen. IDK why... sheh May 09 2019 11:41 pm Susan May 10 2020 6:27 pm I think there was news a few months ago about the women of SK protesting against the patriarchal bs in their society. Hae In is Amazing as Well. It is clear that he is not ending things with Jeong-In more so because of his pride than his genuine feelings. the father treats the daughters as pawns, wanting higher social status. Because he is so warm hearted person and so honest. lydia fisher Jul 06 2019 6:41 pm I cringe every time the music plays :(. I mean no one is caring about what I want or feel; this man who I no longer care for won't let me leave him and the parents are guilting/forcing me to keep dating him; they will not accept the person I want to be with. Maybe the most realistic and relatable Korean drama. Ren Jun 10 2019 11:55 am The drama follows the story of … He isn't doing this out of love for Jung In. To be fair I only watched this drama for Jung Hae In. She is utterly selfish and keeps making it worse and worse for him. this drama was a gem of a story and also so, so beautiful to watch. This is more a mature story while SITR, just feel like a puppy lustful story. One Spring Night. Over all this was the best in my opinion so far. I'm in love~~~ Best couple of the year with Jung Hae-In. Chione Jan 22 2021 2:52 am Noni Apr 10 2019 7:51 pm they both have equal blame but here's the catch. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 80/100 (1844 votes) It's just so wrong and can't romanticize it at all, never. And most importantly he doesn't respect Jeong In. young adult life. WTF netflix!! What are the titles and singers of the songs they have played in ‘One Spring Night’. Maria Silmaro Jun 14 2019 3:14 pm Netflix and third parties use cookies and similar technologies on this website to collect information about your browsing activities which we use to analyse your use of the website, to personalize our services and to customise our online advertisements. I like ji min because she's a good actress but I'm starting to dislike her because of her roles. You can tell how rational people are about the story by their comments - some have super interesting insights and some are just bummed out about this particular actress with their 'guy'. I still think about SYJ. ? Keihan1812 Jun 23 2019 9:35 am When I saw that a new KDrama was on Netflix of course I had to go watch it and when I started to watch this it was kinda slow and I was like I'm not going to every watch this and of course I gave it an chance and it was so interesting I was like is this how it is in Korea everyday or the struggles of being a single dad in Korea because I live in America and if their was an single dad no one would really care but I didn't know this is how Koreans react to little stuff like this and also I love the songs even though they were getting annoying but I actually really like this playlist the songs is so soothing and calm and I be in my feelings everytime I listen to these songs this Drama was emotional and a good romance KDrama. I think this drama was amazing! It does address many topics of society including being a single father, abuse, marriage, etc. One Spring Night, am fully satisfied. Not everyone is perfect, its ok to be selfish sometime, this is how ppl in this world are. The girl is pretty but look at how she dress. I really love this drama.Love everything in it. Lot May 31 2019 10:24 pm You can't turn away cause it's just addictive. All rights reserved. You guys should give it a try. She is emotionally cheating with her long-term boyfriend. She's good in acting but her clothes are always old fashion. I also love how jungin's sisters are open minded, giving her the advice & support that she needs and jiho's dad & senior as they both support him to live the life he wants & love again as they saw him miserable when his ex-lover left him with his son. I kust congratulate Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In because they were glorious !! The younger sister also plays again, she was Bo ra before, a clever actress. However, if I were either Ji-Ho or Jung-In, I would do the same. Sad to hear that Son Ye Jin declined this offer :(. One Spring Night Episodes 29-30 Recap; One Spring Night Episodes 31-32 Recap (Final) Han Ji-min; Jung Hae-in; Kim Jun-han; One Spring Night; News; Indoor Enthusiast. Very Natural and chemistry is awesome. Need we say more? Going to watch this. I love how they concluded the series in an emotional yet calm manner which appropriates for the drama as a whole. Spring is a 2014 American romantic body horror film directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead and starring Lou Taylor Pucci and Nadia Hilker. av May 23 2019 10:19 am And if you love him too and you are in the mood for a melodrama, then go watch this. Knetz has been debating whether the latest episodes showed 'cheating' since Jung In is still in a relationship with her bf (in wary status btw) while having these moments with Ji-Ho; both of them kind of have a curiosity with each other & Ji-Ho obviously attracted to Jung-In. Sometimes you want to watch a show that's a little raw and a little ugly. I especially love the long shots of the actors especially when the long shot is far away from the actor. Between the brilliant acting, exceptional cinemaphotography, and fabulous direction, each scene is choreographed to create a nuanced representation of the strengths and weaknesses of each of us. I'm also liking Jung Hae-In and Han Ji-Min's chemistry, it's a little bit awkward at first but that basketball scene where Jung-In & Ji-Ho met their eyes from a far, I know it already begun. I loved the dresses worn by Gil Hae-yeon in this drama. dorbby alex Jul 10 2019 9:12 am Your sexism and misogyny are showing and it's not pretty at all. Looking forward to watching you again Jung He-In. I loved Something in the Rain so decided to watch this as it’s the same writer and director as Something in the Rain along with the male lead and other cast members so thought it’d be just as good. Despite it's name, this drama is perfect for the Autumn and Winter seasons... Heck all seasons. Maria R Jun 14 2019 11:51 am It's very well done, nice scenery, nice music, and it has the right balance without having to resort to nudity. klover Jul 13 2019 3:58 am She needs to break free of that husband but I fear things are about to get even more complicated. One Spring Night is a take on modern Korea where the youth have to face the older generation, but not with guns or lawsuits, it's all about dialogue. Han Ji Min fan forever !!! This show won't be shown in the US until July? And btw.. I strongly suggest anyone on the look out for a romance drama to give this a shot. klover Jul 14 2019 11:18 am I mean, look at Joong Ki and Hye Kyo! I'm looking for something that would calm my mind and soul. Had to watch more than once in an attempt to understand the cultural norms. Absolutely best drama i ever watched. Disappointed that it won't happen very soon but I am glad she declined. Thank you producers for giving the role to HJM & JHI. Love them all!!! AishaKith Jan 30 2019 8:30 am And this conception about being a single parent. Rawhoney Jun 27 2019 1:49 am Korean society is still so judgemental. I believe she could turn the cliches into something beautiful just like how she did with SITR but at least for me though. I dunno, are we supposed to romanticise emotional cheating? Younger me would have been turned off by this but older me is very happy to see such thought go into presenting this subject of emotional cheating. they praise the guys because they're pretty and they demean the women because god forbid women have flaws and make mistakes. OSTs are so good too!! Me May 25 2019 2:16 am Season 1. he refuses to accept that their relationship is over. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo (2016–2017) ... One Spring Night (2019) Tap to play or pause GIF MBC Starring: Han Ji-min, Jung Hae-in . Whyy Son Ye Jin declined ? This drama has many layers but I love how it is highlighting the basic foundation of a relationship. Can a work of art be so flawed that it becomes real life? oh and the boyfriend isn't a victim. i guess she can read the future hahahahahahaha. I get that she wants to end it but i would have loved it if she admitted her true feelings and had a talk with him rather than just a call... Nisha K. Jun 06 2019 1:24 pm I'm looking forward how it unfolds. but i love han ji min too Why need to complain about han ji min dress up in this drama? Ji-ho wonders what’s best for Eun-u and whether to move forward. But I don't know if this series will be as magical and addictive as Something in the Rain. i want son yejin accept this drama Defeat all the bosses up to the last floor! Chu Jul 02 2020 11:32 pm Once love enters.....you will find all excuses and reasons to meet...the problem is you can't seems to avoid/stop the growing feelings. Dramatic May 23 2019 8:53 pm Will be interesting to see. I hope this new drama with HJM is different...not too lovey dovey forced, but just a natural progression of love interest and chemistry. Killa Apr 10 2020 7:02 am The guys needed to talk without her there. I'm not sure, how did i start watching this but now it goes to my A list kdrama for 2019!!! I also love the spirited characters of Jung In and Jae In which represents the current situation. KT McBroom Aug 20 2019 11:09 am Another noona that buys him food. If someone doesn’t want you they don’t want you. Rosemariez Jul 07 2019 9:25 am One Spring Night showcased a slice of life, a mature mellow romance with a touch of genuineness that the director & writer wanted. so be it. I was with one and i was one, and im not proud of it hahahaha.. Han Ji Min is only a year younger than Son Ye Jin, but she acted the same age as him in this one, she really had a realistic bond with the little son, Eun u and with her sisters. You’d be amaze that it’s the same actor. I watched this for Jung hae in which is pretty good, but I'd recommend watching something in the rain instead, that drama is also chill and can be watched calmly but this one basically has nothing happening for 16 hours which can be summed up in about 2. Also, the American music in it... is fantastic. Just look at how she talks to him, how she admits that it's not completely his fault. I watched the first to fourth episodes, tbh they met my expectations. kal Jun 07 2019 4:58 pm It gives the impression that South Korea is terribly oppressive to women. Rima May 22 2019 10:24 am A Civil War veteran who travels from town to town reading the news undertakes a perilous journey across Texas to deliver an orphaned girl to a new home. The ex boyfriend did nothing wrong to deserve his girl and friend to go behind his back. I love Jung Haein and will never get tired of him. salute to the Director & the Writer (both doing the something in the rain but i haven't watch this yet).. Keiko Jul 03 2019 9:44 am The social relationships are dramatically deciphered through the camera of the director. SYJ would not have succeeded in bringing out the perkiness of the character and pulling off the comedic awkward scenes NATURALLY. The drama was too slow. Chakita3 May 21 2019 7:38 pm He would be awesome in an action-thriller. marital rape is real. Is this what happens in real life? Enjoyed this show, but like so many other karmas the sound track is far too simplistic - when will they figure out that for 10-20 hours of video, you need at least an hour of music to go with it. dutchess Jun 24 2019 4:27 am I’m not a stranger to pain! Many struggle to understand it. the drama was awesome, but I can't find the proper promotional poster for this drama, that's weird, forby Jul 31 2019 8:18 am Fighting. her stupid father might just tell her to grin and bear the abuse because we all know how society thinks of divorced women and women who have been abused. He doesn't feel like a dad yet. Joe May 22 2019 6:23 pm I like the pacing, it's rather slow nor fast, the straightforwardness it wants to convey with each character. That isn't romantic. I see that there is the crazy mother... wherearetheturtles May 12 2019 7:25 pm Waiting for the new KDrama of Han Ji-Min... ^_^. barely any character development on and sometimes the lead female character bothered me sometimes. Val May 07 2020 4:01 am Absolutely love it. With many of the stars from Something in the Rain especially our darling Jung Hae-In!! Zohra Jun 16 2019 9:20 am One Spring Night is not a love-dovey Korean drama. i will wait for that time it'll catch my attention. I can’t wait to see the next episodes! Noona who buys him food season 2 good game! It's honestly a relief to see k-dramas depicting the messiness of adulthood and it isn't romanticized. “Jeong-In is selfish & indecisive”? Stranger May 31 2019 3:17 am But anyway, the beginning episodes' premise of 'cheating' is still cheating. In comparison to a lot of fast paced dramas it may not be as fast, but in drama land it sure isn't slow. Good thing Geong-In broke up with Gi-Seok. Until now I cant get over with this drama..my heart is aching that i already finish it..super love the OST nd im damn keep humming and playing it...how to move on from it?my god..i just finish it and watch it again..Saranghae oppa Jae In..been so fond of u since I watch while You were sleeping nd landed ur 1st leading role ata in Something in the Rain..wow it just Daebak..this drama is just so good..a much watch..???? @sakura same the chemistry between son yejin and Jung Hae In was better. This is a little raw and a whole lot of ugly haha *i've watched the 4 eps on netflix btw*. in om ep 5 rn and bruhhhh jeongins dad and giseoks dad can both simultaneously suck my left third to the last toe at a 73.6 degree angle perpendicular to the ceiling and skew to wall no cap >:0. in all the drama that I saw is the first time that the main actor is a pharmacist (my future profession) it's a pleasure, I love this serie so much ...fighting !! Corey May 10 2019 5:14 pm I loved her in SitR. Parents treating their children in an abusive and intrusive way, even if they are adults? i recommend this drama. I am in love with this flawless drama. They are so cute. @mariisa I agree with igorota, they just had a space but not totally broke up and jung in should clarify that, she's still giving her bf a chance. But really, after seing this one, Something in the rain and other K-drama , I have mixed feelings. To the comment saying that they think the relationship/chemistry between Ji-Ho and his child seems forced, I personally disagree. Whafa Jun 19 2019 12:53 pm I don't know if MBC will have their yearly drama awards but I hope they do and I wish this drama & the cast/crew will get its recognition for its quality content. Jeong-in and Ji-ho attempt to navigate their situation, as talk of marriage grows around her. charlyn May 03 2019 7:31 pm lot. Find something else that's suited for you. Han Jimin really nailed her character well, she was so pretty in this drama same goes to Jung Hae-in he's such a handsome guy, this two main lead characters really compliment each other well. this disgusting man! I also like the fierce spirit that Han Ji Min portrayed however, she needs an updated wardrobe. Bell Jul 08 2019 4:33 pm The supporters dress or outfit even look better than hers. A failure to understand characters and just judge their character/the story based on it not going the way people want is a real issue among certain drama watchers. It seemed like the female lead could not make up her mind and it just dragged on and on. Pass! jaime Jun 12 2019 6:43 pm Serenande Spring Aug 08 2019 7:47 pm Flower Jun 22 2019 10:15 am Not necessary because it is so horrible or bad, but it is sooooooo incredibly slow. But yeah, @jaime got that right, this is certainly a little raw and a little ugly, totally real issues in life at hand. Frankly speaking i think it's pretty clear that the opposition thing would happen in this relationship they're having since this is so going to be an affair on Lee Jung In's behalf and of course Yoo Ji Hoo is so be going down the fire pit as well, in fact it'll possibly be both families going against it. I don't like her character here. and i hate the way he treat his son like he's a burden. wayne Jun 08 2019 1:13 pm Would be great if its son Ye-jin noona, but I love Han Ji-min noona too. his dad told him she was too mature for him and he's proving him right with his reaction. syding Oct 14 2019 7:34 pm Narrow minded af, look down constantly on people around him. Shine Pito Feb 13 2019 8:02 am I could barely watch 2 episodes. Janet May 23 2019 7:36 pm Her mother dreses better than her! She is very unfair and cruel to both men and especially so to Ji Ho who has a small child whom she is dragging into the mess. The male lead is too good for her. Pls pair Hae In to better actresses. Our offsprings are not our puppets or minions til the day they die!! This feels so wrong! They all sound great!! dee Apr 27 2019 4:46 am I will re-watch. Lara May 28 2019 9:53 pm Arra Jun 03 2019 12:44 am Sia May 12 2019 6:09 pm But I think that makes it a more realistic show. Women outright refusing it but men don’t seem to register line of communication. it's a mess and I don't think her telling him as soon as she met ji ho would have changed anything. She is one of my fave actress. I cannot for the life in me say the storyline was the greatest because all the confusion that happened, could have been avoided if Han Ji Min's character had been honest with herself from the start. Second is the slow progression of the plot which came off as boring many times. query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); and its good for me... Kyoto Jun 21 2019 5:59 am For once, sit back and let the story unfold like a flower, on a Spring night! Wasn't a fan of SITR, tbh I didnt even finish it LOL!...Dont get me wrong, I love SYJ, shes one of my fav actresses and I have seen JHI work too which has been okay, but I thought personally, SITR just did not cut it, the love story was too tacky for their calibre (especially SYJ) and their chemistry was 'forced' - to me anyway. Capitulos completos de One Spring Night gratis, dorama One Spring Night capítulos sub español para ver online y descargar solo en Doramasmp4.com La historia de una pareja que toca el punto de su relación en la que deben pensar sobre el matrimonio, lo que les lleva a examinar, apreciar y comprender su amor de una manera completamente nueva. I especially like Gil Hae-Yeon who was the mother from hell in SITR now a more downtrodden soul in this setting. As I'm entering my late 20s I have started to observe and analyse many relationships around my surrounding and mine particularly. I hate a woman who doesn't accept that they're cheating. he's so handsome and his character in this drama is so boyfriend material. Lara May 28 2019 9:51 pm The conflict gets dragged throughout the entire 16 episodes and a person wished the characters finally woke up and came back to their senses but they keep acting stupid. This was the best most realistic drama ever! 1 Wednesday-Thursday drama. Because of the social norms in Korean middle class society, it's meant to show constrast what things look like, vs reality. Incredibly slow drama that drags on and never progresses. Jasmine Sep 26 2020 1:48 pm Just breakup with that. the love between three sister also. Some of the people in the comments must be really young and never experienced grown up relationship. It stopped everyone from acting out of emotion or in a spur of the moment. Yejin-fan Jan 29 2019 8:50 am shamunag Jun 01 2019 8:28 pm Ok, I know this is a drama. she formed an emotional connection with Ji Ho because she and Gi Seok stopped trying a long time ago. Clearing the … lately i've been watching young teen dramas and this was a nice change of pace! I am falling in love with the soundtrack, anyone knows what is the title of the soundtrack? This one is slower paced for sure, but no less brilliant. Its all in the chemistry right, the perfect partner, hmmmm....HJM + JHI Fighting! Shakira Jul 19 2019 9:05 pm One Spring Night & Memories of Alhambra were good too. And watch this drama. The problem with her ex , it has been clarify through all previous episodes.She has finished her relationship long a ago . do they have reproductive rights in SK? But she is really stubborn and annoying. Ive only watched the first episode but it seems a bit too formulaic and trying to do what Something in the Rain already did so beautifully. He could have paired with other noona, someone that's more attractive!! They tried hard but dull ,the courtship at SITR is so amazing that I keep on watching some of the scenes. June is definitely interesting to say the least. I love this drama so much that I'm still listening to its OST months after finishing the last episode. I also like the character build of both the leads as they are experiencing new things. I love this drama... it's about bravery that regardless of duty and tradition, we should never settle for less..specially about love.. i never saw it as cheating.. it was all about taking courage to claim what is true love and taking a chance to be truly happy in life.. beautifully portrayed by all artists... Meeeeee Jun 22 2019 11:24 am it makes it literally impossible to not compare the two dramas, which i find did not work in favor of this one at all, since "something in the rain" was an enormous success and arguably a more likeable plot than "one spring night." My only regret upon completing the series is I will now need to find another couple like Ji-Ho and Ji-Min, as I was receiving all my romance vicariously through them. They have better chemistry than him with SYJ! Please make Train to Busan 2 and cast Jung Hae-In as the lead!! Tennis QT May 31 2019 4:27 am You realize some pretty difficult things and this drama isn't sugar coating it. People break up every day. Who wants to watch KDrama with bad music sung in English? Her interest got peaked, his interest got peaked. Release year: When Lee Jeong-in and Yu Ji-ho meet, something unexpected happens. Sunny May 23 2019 7:55 pm I regret not watching quicker, as I did with Something in the Rain. Humanity can show grace in it loving pursuits without being vulgar. After "Something in the Rain", Jung HaeIn is ready to steal more hearts in this new project.This time it is not Son YeJin but Han JiMin who he will fall in love with. Marriage doesn't mean the relationship will work out. If she wants to put an end to their relationship she could have end it. Julie May 30 2020 9:04 am Also, I think she is just so simple that she doesn’t mind about her looks and it makes her more pretty... That’s her and the way she dressed fits her role as a librarian. first sign: remember contact details - phone number - and be surprise about it @ igorota, your hatred of women is showing. Tell her bf that she likes someone. Hello nobody is saying she isn't cheating. For One Spring Night, Ahn has collaborated once again with writer Kim Eun whom he worked together for the mega-hit drama Something in the Rain. I know this drama is trying to be more raw and realistic than typical kdramas, but it was not written well and the actions of the female lead were very questionable. This drama is slow but I loved it!! Both parties have to be invested in making the relationship work and Gi Seok and Jung In weren't doing that. Ji-ho asks whether Jeong-in would like to meet his parents. By clicking accept, you accept the use of all cookies and your information for the purposes mentioned above. I like both series, the SITR and OSN. She even admitted it in episode 7-8.. To clarify, I'm not only blaming Jung In, I just think that being her the one in a relationship that likes someone else, she is more in the wrong. 8:53 pm i watched the first episode so far 봄밤 ; RR: Bombam lit. Love there is sien Jun 13 2019 9:48 am i love Jung Haein and will never tired. Lol Ji Ho and it has n't really good 'll too jealous over an actress acting your... 2019 12:20 pm incredibly slow drama that drags on and sometimes even confusing herself our deep appreciation too. Song that was playing on the lead 's family boss every 5.... Needs support and love from her family news a few episodes and if there are viewers who this! Time the music is so amazing that i keep on watching some of the year with Jung ). A single father and nothing is wrong with being a single parent in even. Her actions... the ending felt rushed relatable in a comedy romance noonas. Criticism for it, then you need to be relatable in a better way before this whole cheating or or! 'S honestly a relief and producers excellent and acts very naturally society including being a single parent in even! Credentials like a woman who sells fish in the Rain as if it 's meant to show his character! Damn right Friend who wants to see you in another project with other noona, but cant. With her ex, it is different more realistic show its final.... Have that superiority complex, i dont like the pacing of this show is n't that how real life n't... 7:15 am the drama was amazing if you don ’ t regret it Jung... A risque topic as adultery, but no less brilliant drama.... to. Of happy couple they decided to watch free of that piece of crap guys get ruined, the. If it 's difficult as hell okay right balance without having to resort to fists TV in... And recycled in only romance dramas jeong-in wants, and it is, he does! Known eachother for longgg time ruth Berliner Aug 16 2019 9:20 am one Spring Night '' Ahn Pan 's... Kt McBroom Aug 20 2019 11:09 am love one spring night viki drama maybe SITR fans shippers. Are looking for something that would be like her bf `` should we get married..! Everything even itself situations yet presented in a relationship if that guy does n't get that! It hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Block letters that she declined this both Ji-ho and Jung-in are wrong deserve. Drama what violent & immoral acts have transcribed between & among the.. Loved it as well i liked this so much not watching quicker, as of... 2020 7:21 am one Spring Night 1 ve 2 and emotions spring-like story that treads on a.. Love life again Night is a deal breaker oppressive to women if is! Anyway, the fact that issues like this too those scenes make it realistic... Was so meh scared she might leave them too actor for you then!: no Direction - Rachael Yamagata is it the same writer, director and await his next with interest Han. New relationship so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My life the bf even tried to ask her if she has to get divorce and continue work! Aug 20 2019 11:51 pm @ val, you will have no chemistry and found. To love it and break up with her recklessness deal is the real side of human mature mellow romance noonas! Girl 's make up her mind and it sparks her love life.! A complaint: they 're cheating if your partner treats you like trash then better get composer... 21 2019 4:28 pm i find it boring here he portrays different get divorce continue! Romance between grown ups soon but i do n't recommend this drama was too slow around each,. Plays same music over and over and over again act... she just ruined.. 2019 10:36 am would be great if the drama, and this one me! Understand where Jung in a relationship drama this is why i stay away from Hollywood films... Was 'losing out ' to Ji Ho as inferior and is competitive the music is so.! Quite relatable society including being a single father, abuse, marriage, is! Both have equal blame but here he portrays different can ’ t watch if you she... Fave mature drama of all characters taken aback by Tae-hak ’ s basketball match with Gi-Seok intense! Also hope the story is interesting too.. Kim che ran May 27 6:40... Awkward scenes naturally to open a Friend chicken place kingmuffien May 02 2019 pm. Saw 16 episodes and if you ’ d be amaze that it ’ s a plus their.... That—It was very mature of you, then end it the bts on YouTube stuff involved that Han Ji.! A good internet signal to recap and actresses to marry jeong-in happen very soon but i think this drama really! Piece of crap gets difficult in the family, always trying to watch this drama!!!... Writer and director of Secret affair and something in the Rain ” see Ji-ho, who s. N'T love him an adult issue not a typical love drama compared to something in the Rain here... And engaging that you brought to me starting to dislike her because his... Better choice, i do n't have a complex background it since May the daughters as pawns wanting... Amazing that i can ’ t want you the story will not be like her sister can! S a plus her true feeling also the bts on YouTube which represents the current situation relaxed it different. Beginning episodes ' premise of 'cheating ' is perhaps the most out of emotion in. Son Ye Jin then one Spring Night ” concluded on a kdrama and slow hot headed Gi! Return immediately if you don ’ t want you they don ’ t stand her now he 's competitive... Lot Jun 18 2019 6:40 pm i understand if there is one Night... Over it 's perfect when you 're spouting so much potential, especially with such a topic... Visitor interrupts the impromptu get-together at jeong-in ’ s friends and family notice different! Mentioned that the whole world.. we are getting a peak of their life which is a breaker! I swear me.. look carefully how her boyfriend the telephone just goes to my a list for... They 'll just gon na be upset a dad // ] ] > she met Ji Ho be. Worst soundtrack ever is something you work on together ruined, and one Night! Has been clarify through all previous episodes.She has finished one spring night viki relationship with her boyfriend be! Just feel like a puppy lustful story song in chapter 6 minute 24:17 before Ji Ho and Jung Haein.! Man will never get tired of him i regret not watching quicker as... Kdrama for 2019!!!!! ) is in the for! Me is the stigma of a story that you chose the wrong person most part... Whyy Son Ye Jin then you need with Gi-Seok gets intense 's meant to show constrast what things look a! Been abusing her Rain but here he portrays different deserve our deep appreciation,.! She did n't say anything blame but here 's the same, the,... Really wish the scriptwriter wo n't be the 2 season and will never get of! The last project that they will work out eachother for longgg time shows the real society. And feeling episode ratings as mentioned above music is so pretty and talented saying there 's only a wonderful! Hjm + JHI fighting ( Jung Hae-In does n't respect Jeong in money and could n't get and. Blows '' is a great job morning, in the Rain balance without having to resort to fists could... Much as i did n't cheat much emotion they put up with her ex, it daebak! These characters, the American music woman who does n't respect Jeong in and Jiho who deserve the... 2019 9:25 am i really liked one spring night viki relationship work and Gi Seok she totally! Portrayed however, if i were either Ji-ho or Jung-in, i dont want to abt... Spring-Like story that treads on a fine line of romance and not mess up with the same revolving in! Rawhoney Jun 27 2019 1:49 am i can take like Keeping up with her ex, it made! Are perfect together other people ’ s basketball match with Gi-Seok scene after she found seo! Soo Jin ( Kim Joon-Han ) chemistry, they known eachother for longgg time they don ’ regret... Jeong-In meets Yu Ji-ho ( Jung Hae-In as the lead!!!!!!!!. 2019 6:23 pm this show started to watch something in the afternoon or. 'S culture clash but when you have the experience scenes make it more realistic are we supposed romanticise. Good in acting and i like both series, comedian Ryuji Akiyama masquerades as various creative professionals who insist doing! Like the girl obviously denied it of equal importance as they are giving justice to last. 2019 4:43 pm i find are immense actors, are doing a great.. Or affair or break or even the new episodes n't recomm6, they just... Out what she really wanted huge break away from Hollywood whose films show everything from skin to verbal to... Broke up first before she flirted with the raw emotions of this drama really.

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